Grandview Psychological Services offers different treatments for individual needs, including Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Treatment, Parenting Support/Guidance, Anxiety Management and Reduction Strategies consisting of Relaxation and Desensitization Training, Relational Therapy, and Direct Teaching.

A unique aspect of the work involves a pragmatic teaching-as-treatment approach. This means that all stakeholders  (adults, children, and parents) clearly understand the meaning of the individual’s diagnosis, their symptoms, and the most effective evidence-based treatment strategies to overcome them. Understanding one’s condition helps us to work together in partnership and fosters the hope, confidence, optimism, and real behavioral and emotional change that promote well-being and an improved quality of life.

People don’t learn from people they don’t like, and in order for personal growth to happen, the presence of certain conditions is central to the helping partnership. According to years of research, the core helping skills that foster a safe and caring relationship that will lead to positive personal growth and well-being. These conditions are:

  • Acitve empathic listening and responding
  • Unconditional positive regard
  • Genuiness(sincerity)
  • Respect
  • Thoughtful self-disclosure
  • Concreteness (creating personalized action plans to solve the problem)
  • Fun

These helping conditions and creativity services are the foundation for all treatment at Grandview Psychological Services. They foster self-acceptance, self-exploration, and personal growth and enjoyment. Services are also flexible services so that some work, such as graduated exposure therapy designed to treat some forms of anxiety, will generalize to the living, learning, and working environments. Guidance regarding a student’s education requires going to schools to observe and to advocate for the student.

Specialty Services

  • ADD/ADHD Children & Adults
  • Addictions Recovery Treatment
  • Anger Management
  • Anxiety, Panic & Phobias
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)
  • Couples Therapy & Classes
  • Depression & Problems of Mood
  • Eating Disorders
  • Educational Advocacy
  • Gender Identity Concerns
  • Hypnosis
  • Infertility
  • Medically-Related Problems
  • Sexual Identity-Focused Therapy
  • Testing
  • Vocational Assessment & Counseling

Founder: Dr. Roger Davies, Sc. D.

Roger Davies is the founder and principal clinician at Grandview Psychological Associates. Dr. Davies brings over 30 years experience in the fields of psychological assessment, clinical and rehabilitation services, consulting, and staff development training. Read More »

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