About Grandview Psych

Grandview Psychological Services (GPS), founded by Dr. Roger Davies, provides the highest quality emotional and interpersonal evaluation and treatment for children, adolescents, and adults, emphasizing a teaching-as-treatment approach, diagnostic psycho-education, behavioral and cognitive-behavioral treatment (CBT), and relational treatment.

Dr. Davies provides treatment for major mental health needs, including: anxiety disorders, depression, attention deficit disorder (ADD/ADHD Children & Adults), child and adolescent oppositional-defiant and aggressive behavior at home and school, academic underachievement, difficulties with social anxiety and friendships, obsessive-compulsive disorder, simple phobias, marital and family conflicts, work and school problems, and alcohol and drug addiction.


With a breadth of experience, Grandview Psych is adept at handling a variety of individual circumstances, from children to parents; from adolescents to adults.


Couples face innumerable stressors in this day in age. Grandview Psych has experience in helping couples through these challenges, and building upon them to form a stronger relationship


Regardless of who within a family is the focal point, Grandview Psych is happy to meet with families who are facing any degree of challenges.

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